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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2005, 79 (305)
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TI: 'Indo-European' designates languages: not pots and not institutions
AU: Renfrew, Colin
pg - 692-693
TI: AMS dating of rock art in the Laura Region, Cape York Peninsula, Australia-protocols and results of recent research
AU: Cole, Noelene ; Watchman, Alan
pg - 661-678
TI: Archaeology and Islamic identities in Bahrain
AU: Insoll, Timothy
pg - 601-608
TI: Evidence for mummification in Bronze Age Britain
AU: Pearson, Mike Parker...[et al.]
pg - 529-546
TI: From arrows to bullets: the fortifications of Adullah Khan Kala (Merv, Turkmenistan)
AU: Brun, Pierre
pg - 616-624
TI: Granaries and irrigation: archaeological and ethnological investigations in the Iberian peninsula and Morocco
AU: Meulemeester, Johnny De
pg - 609-615
TI: Khirigsuurs, ritual and mobility in the Bronze Age of Mongolia
AU: Allard, Francis ; Erdenebaatar, Diimaajav
pg - 547-563
TI: Knowing when to consult the oracle at Delphi
AU: Salt, Alun ; Boutsikas, Efrosyni
pg - 564-572
TI: Land tenure, competition and ecology in Fijian prehistory
AU: Field, Julie S.
pg - 586-600
TI: New light on an ancient landscape: lidar survey in the Stonehenge World Heritage Site
AU: Bewley, R. H. ; Crutchley, S. P. ; Shell, C. A.
pg - 636-647
TI: Pine, prestige and politics of the Late Classic Maya at Xunantunich, Belize
AU: Lentz, David L....[et al.]
pg - 573-585
TI: Problem formulation and historical context define terminology and relevance-not linguistic formalism
AU: Kristiansen, Kristian
pg - 694-695
TI: The potential of airborne lidar for detection of archaeological features under woodland canopies
AU: Dereveux, B.J....[et al.]
pg - 648-660
TI: The spread of farming in the Eastern Adriatic
AU: Forenbaher, Staso ; Miracle, Preston T.
pg - 514-528
TI: Two hiatuses in human bone radiocarbon dates in Britain (17 000 to 5000 cal BP)
AU: Blockley, Stella M.
pg - 505-513
TI: What language did Neolithic pots speak? Colin Renfrew's European farming-language-dispersal model challenged
AU: Kristiansen, Kristian
pg - 679-691
TI: Wind-towers and pearl fishing: architectural signals in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Arabian Gulf
AU: Hawker, Ronald ; Hull, Daniel ; Rouhani, Omid
pg - 625-635
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