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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2005, 79 (306)
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TI: A geochemical investigation of the origin of Rouletted and other related South Asian fine wares
AU: Ford, L.A....[et al.]
pg - 909-920
TI: Archaeological approaches to the study of Islam in Island Southeast Asia
AU: Lape, Peter
pg - 829-836
TI: Ceramics, seeds and culinary change in prehistoric India
AU: Fuller, Dorian Q.
pg - 761-777
TI: Did the first farmers of central and eastern Europe produce dairy foods?
AU: Craig, Oliver E....[et al.]
pg - 882-894
TI: Ice-cores, sediments and civilisation collapse: a cautionary tale from Lake Titicaca
AU: Calaway, Michael J.
pg - 778-790
TI: Islamic archaeology in the Iberian peninsula and Morocco
AU: De Meulemeester, Johnny
pg - 837-843
TI: Matrilocality during the prehistoric transition to agriculture in Thailand?
AU: Bentley, R. Alexander...[et al.]
pg - 865-881
TI: Megaliths and post-modemism: the case of Wales
AU: Fleming, Andrew
pg - 921-932
TI: Multi-disciplinary approaches to the Islamic period in Egypt and the Red Sea Coast
AU: Kawatoko, Mutsuo
pg - 844-857
TI: Politics and narratives: Islamic archaeology in Israel
AU: Petersen, Andrew
pg - 858-864
TI: Processing of milk products in pottery vessels through British prehistory
AU: Copley, M. S....[et al.]
pg - 895-908
TI: Subpolar settlement in South Polynesia
AU: Anderson, Atholl
pg - 791-800
TI: The identification and protection of cultural heritage during the Iraq conflict: A peculiarly English tale
AU: Stone, Peter
pg - 933-943
TI: The ownership of time: approved 14C calibration or freedom of choice?
AU: van Andel, Tjeerd H.
pg - 944-948
TI: The social context of early pottery in the Lingnan region of south China
AU: Pearson, Richard
pg - 819-828
TI: Urban centres and the emergence of empires in Eastern Inner Asia
AU: Rogers, J. Daniel ; Ulambayar, Erdenebat ; Gallon, Mathew
pg - 801-818
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