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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2006, 80 (307)
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TI: Academic, copying, archaeology and the English language
AU: Bentley, R. Alexander
pg - 196-201
TI: Boat remains and maritime trade in the Persian Gulf during the sixth and fifth millennia BC
AU: Carter, Robert
pg - 52-63
TI: Boat-building and its social context in early Egypt: interpretations from the First Dynasty boat-grave cemetery at Abydos
AU: Ward, Cheryl
pg - 118-129
TI: Colonials, merchants and alabaster vases: the western Phoenician aristocracy
AU: López Castro, José Luis
pg - 74-88
TI: Freud and Volkan: Psychoanalysis, groyp identities and archaeology
AU: Rusell, Ian
pg - 185-195
TI: Memory and monumentality in the Rarotongan landscape
AU: Campbell, Matthew
pg - 102-117
TI: Mending the past: Ix Chel and the invention of a modern pop goddess
AU: Ardren, Traci
pg - 25-37
TI: New light on the warrior stelae from Tartessos (Spain)
AU: Pérez, Sebastián Celestino ; López-Ruiz, Carolina
pg - 89-101
TI: Prehistoric stone monuments in the northern region of the Kula Ring
AU: Bickler, Simon H.
pg - 38-51
TI: Retrospect
AU: Connah, Graham
pg - 173-184
TI: Rillenkarren at Vayia: geomorphology and a new class of Early Bronze Age fortified settlement in Southern Greece
AU: Tartaron, Thomas F. ; Pullen, Daniel J. ; Noller, Jay S.
pg - 145-160
TI: The application of First World War aerial photography to archaeology: the Belgian images
AU: Stichelbaut, Birger
pg - 161-172
TI: The first settlers of Iceland: an isotopic approach to colonisation
AU: Price, T. Douglas ; Gestsdóttir, Hildur
pg - 130-144
TI: The geoglyphs of the north Chilean desert: an archaeological and artistic perspective
AU: Briones-M., Luis
pg - 9-24
TI: Variation in porotic hyperostosis in the Royal Cemetery complex at Abydos, Upper Egypt: a social interpretation
AU: Keita, S. O. Y. ; Boyce, A. J.
pg - 64-73
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