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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2006, 80 (308)
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TI: A response to Richards and Schulting
AU: Milner, N....[et al.]
pg - 456-458
TI: Antiquity of early Holocene small-seed consumption and processing at Danger Cave
AU: Rhode, David ; Madsen, David B. ; Jones, Kevin T.
pg - 328-339
TI: Chronology of the earliest pottery in East Asia: progress and pitfalls
AU: Kuzmin, Yaroslav V.
pg - 362-371
TI: Danish razors and Swedish rocks: Cosmology and the Bronze Age landscape
AU: Bradley, Richard
pg - 372-389
TI: Kurgans and nomads: new investigations of mound burials in the southern Urals
AU: Morgunova, N. L. ; Khokhlova, O. S.
pg - 303-317
TI: Neighbours: Negotiating space in a prehistoric village
AU: Frankel, David ; Webb, Jennifer M.
pg - 287-302
TI: Neither archaeology nor theory: a critique of Johnson
AU: Klejn, Leo S.
pg - 435-441
TI: New evidence for the origins of sedentism and rice domestication in the Lower Yangzi River, China
AU: Jiang, Leping ; Liu, Li
pg - 355-361
TI: Prehistoric human impacts on Rapa, French Polynesia
AU: Kennet, Douglas...[et al.]
pg - 340-354
TI: Reflections
AU: Mulvaney, John
pg - 425-434
TI: Response
AU: Johnson, Matthew
pg - 442-443
TI: Sexual dimorphism in Upper Palaeolithic hand stencils
AU: Snow, Dean R.
pg - 390-404
TI: Tectonics and human evolution
AU: King, Geoffrey ; Bailey, Geoff
pg - 265-286
TI: The Egyptian olive (Olea europaea subsp. europaea) in the later first millennium BC: origins and history using the morphometric analysis of olive stones
AU: Newton, Claire ; Terral, Jean-Frédéric ; Ivorra, Sarah
pg - 405-414
TI: Touch not the fish: the Mesolithic-Neolithic change of diet and its significance
AU: Richards, M. P. ; Schulting, R.J.
pg - 444-455
TI: Trees in Udmurt religion
AU: Shutova, Nadezhda
pg - 318-327
TI: Using Shuttle Radar Topography to map ancient water channels in Mesopotamia
AU: Hritz, Carrie ; Wilkinson, T. J.
pg - 415-424
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