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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2006, 80 (310)
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TI: An essay on energetics: the construction of the Aztec chinampa system
AU: Arco, Lee J. ; Abrams, Elliot M.
pg - 906-918
TI: An island decides: megalithic burial rites on Menorca
AU: Gili, Sylvia...[et al.]
pg - 829-842
TI: Archaeology, E-publication and the Semantic Web
AU: Richards, Julian D.
pg - 970-979
TI: Developments in radiocarbon calibration for archaeology
AU: Ramsey, Christopher Bronk...[et al.]
pg - 783-798
TI: Engineering the Past: Pitt Rivers, Nemo and The Needle
AU: Evans, Christopher
pg - 960-969
TI: Evidence for cave marking by Palaeolithic children
AU: Sharpe, Kevin ; Gelder, Leslie Van
pg - 937-947
TI: Figures, figurines and Colin Renfrew
AU: Klejn, Leo S.
pg - 980-986
TI: From Digger to Director, Cornwall to Caithness
AU: Mercer, Roger
pg - 987-995
TI: Inhumation and cremation in medieval Mongolia: analysis and analogy
AU: Crubézy, E....[et al.]
pg - 894-905
TI: Prehistoric and early historic agriculture at Maunga Orito, Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Chile
AU: Stevenson, Christopher M....[et al.]
pg - 919-936
TI: Shell beads and social behaviour in Pleistocene Australia
AU: Balme, Jane ; Morse, Kate
pg - 799-811
TI: The Teouma Lapita site and the early human settlement of the Pacific Islands
AU: Bedford, Stuart ; Spriggs, Matthew ; Regenvanu, Ralph
pg - 812-828
TI: The emergence of the Tagar culture
AU: Bokovenko, Nikolay
pg - 860-879
TI: The emergence ofthe Scythians: Bronze Age to Iron Age in South Siberia
AU: Legrand, Sophie
pg - 843-859
TI: The king and his cult: the axe-hammer from Sutton Hoo and its implications for the concept of sacral leadership in early medieval Europe
AU: Dobat, Andres Siegfried
pg - 880-893
TI: Tracking animals using strontium isotopes in teeth: the role of fallow deer (Dama dama) in Roman Britain
AU: Sykes, Naomi J....[et al.]
pg - 948-959
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