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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2007, 81 (312)
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TI: A shark-tooth ornament from Pleistocene Sahul
AU: Leavesley, Matthew G.
pg - 308-315
TI: A weapon of choice - experiments with a replica Irish Early Bronze Age halberd
AU: O'Flaherty, Ronan
pg - 423-434
TI: An interpretation of the Nebra disc
AU: Pásztor, Emília; Roslund, Curt
pg - 267-278
TI: Beating ploughshares back into swords: warfare in the Linearbandkeramik
AU: Golitko, Mark; Keeley, Lawrence H.
pg - 332-342
TI: Creating urba communities at Kilwa Kisiwani, Tanzania, AD 800-1300
AU: Wynne-Jones, Stephanie
pg - 368-380
TI: Designs and designers of medieval 'new towns' in Wales
AU: Lilley, Keith D.; Lloyd, Christopher D.; Trick, Steven
pg - 279-293
TI: Determining style in Palaeolithic cave art: a new method derived from horse images
AU: Pigeaud, Romain
pg - 409-422
TI: Materiality and memory: an archaeological perspective on the popular adoption of linear time in Britain
AU: Mytum, Harold
pg - 381-396
TI: Presumed domestication? Evidence for wild rice cultivation and domestication in the fifth millennium BC of the Lower Yangtze region
AU: Fuller, Dorian Q.; Harvey, Emma; Qin, Ling
pg - 316-331
TI: Stones in the snow: a Norse fur traders' road into Sami country
AU: Bergman, Ingela ...[et al.]
pg - 397-408
TI: The transition from the Lower to the Middle Palaeolithic in Europe and the incorporation of difference
AU: Hopkinson, Terry
pg - 294-307
TI: Towards a refined chronology for the Bronze Age of the southern Urals, Russia
AU: Hanks, B.K.; Epimakhov, A.V.; Renfrew, A.C.
pg - 353-367
TI: What linked the Bell Beakers i third millennium BC Europe?
AU: Linden, Marc van der
pg - 343-352
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