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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2007, 81 (313)
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TI: Compound - specific stable carbon isotopic detection of pig product processing in British Late Neolithic pottery
AU: Mukherjee, Anna J. ...[et al.]
pg - 743-754
TI: Dating the Neolithic of South India: new radiometric evidence for key economic, social and ritual transformations
AU: Fuller, Dorian Q., Boivin, Nicole; Korisettar, Ravi
pg - 755-778
TI: Defining a culture: the meaning of Hanseatic in medieval Turku
AU: Immonen, Visa
pg - 720-732
TI: Digital infra-red photography for recording painted rock art
AU: Fredlund, Glen; Sundstrom, Linea
pg - 733-742
TI: Early Mesopotamian urbanism: a new view from the north
AU: Oates, Joan ...[et al.]
pg - 585-600
TI: Early domesticated cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) from Central Ghana
AU: D'Andrea, A.C. ...[et al.]
pg - 686-698
TI: Late Mesolithic fish traps from the Liffey estuary, Dublin, Ireland
AU: McQuade, Melanie; O'Donnell, Lorna
pg - 569-584
TI: New evidence from East Timor contributes to our understanding of earliest modern human colonisation east of the Sunda Shelf
AU: O'Connor, Sue
pg - 523-535
TI: New perspectives on the Varna cemetery (Bulgaria)-AMS dates and social implications
AU: Higham, Tom ...[et al.]
pg - 640-654
TI: Ottoman bows - an assessment of draw weight, performance and tactical use
AU: Karpowicz, Adam
pg - 675-685
TI: Resisting the cold in ice age Tasmana: thermal environment and settlement strategies
AU: Gilligan, Ian
pg - 555-568
TI: Rock art and artisans in the Lemro Valley, Arakan, Myanmar
AU: Gulman, Pamela ...[et al.]
pg - 655-674
TI: The age of Stonehenge
AU: Parker Pearson, Mike ...[et al.]
pg - 617-639
TI: The state of theocracy: defining an early medieval hinterland in Sri Lanka
AU: Coningham, Robin ...[et al.]
pg - 699-719
TI: Tools, space and behaviour in the Lower Palaeolithic: discoveries at Soucy in the paris basin
AU: Lhomme, Vincent
pg - 536-554
TI: Urbanism on the margins: third millennium BC al-Rawda in the arid zone of Syria
AU: Castel, Corinne; Peltenburg, Edgar
pg - 601-616
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