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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2007, 81 (314)
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TI: 300 years of context for British archaeology
AU: James, N.
pg - 1065-1066
TI: A 14000 year-old hunter-gatherer's toolkit
AU: Edwards, Phillip C.
pg - 865-876
TI: A mass grave from the catacomb of Saints Peter and marcellinus in Rome, second-third century AD
AU: Blanchard, Philippe ...[et al.]
pg - 989-998
TI: Ammonite fossil protrayed on an ancient Greek countermarked coin
AU: McMenamin, Mark A.S.
pg - 944-948
TI: Bridging the gap at La Tène
AU: Hummler, Madeleine
pg - 1067-1070
TI: Cultivated wetlands and emerging complexity in south-central Chile and long distance offects of climate change
AU: Dillehay, Tom D. ...[et al.]
pg - 949-960
TI: Detecting seasonal movement from animal dung: an investigation in Neolithic northern Greece
AU: Valamoti, Soultana Maria
pg - 1053-1064
TI: Economic and ideological roles of copper ingots in prehistoric Zimbabwe
AU: Swan, Lorraine M.
pg - 999-1012
TI: Fashion versus reason - then and now
AU: Bentley, R. Alexander
pg - 1071-1073
TI: From the perspective of time: hunter-gatherer burials in south-eastern Australia
AU: Littleton, Judith
pg - 1013-1028
TI: Funerals and feasts during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B of the Near East
AU: Goring-Morris, Nigel; Kolska Horwitz, Liora
pg - 902-919
TI: Grinding flour in Upper Palaeolithic Europe (25000 years bp)
AU: Aranguren, Biancamaria ...[et al.]
pg - 845-855
TI: Monument 3 from La Blanca, Guatemala: a Middle Preclassic earthen sculpture and its ritual associations
AU: Love, Michael; Guernsey, Julia
pg - 920-932
TI: Moving on: the contribution of isotope studies to the early neolithic of Central Europe
AU: Bickle, Penny; Hofmann, Daniela
pg - 1029-1041
TI: New finds of Upper Palaeolithic decorative objects from Predmostí, Czech Republic
AU: Farbstein, Rebecca; Svoboda, Jirí
pg - 856-864
TI: Plant offerings from the classical necropolis of Limenas, Thasos, northern Greece
AU: Mégaloudi, F.; Papadopoulos, S.; Sgourou, M.
pg - 933-943
TI: Polish archaeology in my lifetime
AU: Tabaczynski, Stanislaw
pg - 1074-1082
TI: Rethinking Erlitou: legend, history and Chinese archaeology
AU: Liu, Li; Xu, Hong
pg - 886-901
TI: Rome and Mesopotamia - importers into India in the first millenium AD
AU: Tomber, Roberta
pg - 972- 988
TI: The first archaeological evidence for death by spearing in Australia
AU: McDonald, Josephine J. ...[et al.]
pg - 877-885
TI: Waist-to-hip ratios of Jomon figurines
AU: Hudson, Mark J.; Aoyama, Mami
pg - 961-971
TI: ating the onset of cereal cultivation in britain and Ireland: the evidence from charred cereal grains
AU: Brown, Alex
pg - 1042-1052
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