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ANTIQUITY - CAMBRIDGE, 2008, 82 (315)
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TI: A context for the Luzira Head
AU: Reid, Andrew; Ashley, Ceri Z.
pg - 99-112
TI: A traitor's death? The identity of a drawn, hanged and quartered man from Hulton Abbey, Staffordshire
AU: Lewis, Mary E.
pg - 113-124
TI: Contact between the Norse Vikings and the Dorset culture in Arctic Canada
AU: Park, Robert W.
pg - 189-198
TI: Excavating the eternal: an indigenous archaeological tradition in India
AU: Cremo, Michael A.
pg - 178-188
TI: Exploring the lower Gulf, 1947-2007
AU: Cardi, Beatrice de
pg - 165-177
TI: Finding the early Neolithic in Aegean Thrace: the use of cores
AU: Ammerman, Albert J. ...[et al.]
pg - 139-150
TI: Footprints in the sand: appraising the archaeology of the Willlandra Lakes, western New South Wales, Australia
AU: Allen, Harry ...[et al.]
pg - 11-24
TI: From Sicily to Salcombe: a Mediterranean Bronze Age object from British coastal waters
AU: Needham, Stuart; Giardino, Claudio
pg - 60-72
TI: Medieval élite burials in eastern Mecklenburg and Pomerania
AU: Biermann, Felix
pg - 87-98
TI: Patterns of looting in southern Iraq
AU: Stone, Elizabeth C.
pg - 125-138
TI: Post-mortem mutilations of human bodies in Early Iron Age Kazakhstan and thir possible meaning for rites of burial
AU: Bendezu-Sarmiento, J. ...[et al.]
pg - 73-86
TI: Refitting megaliths in western France
AU: Mens, Emmanuel
pg - 25-36
TI: The Qatna lion: scientific confirmation of Baltic amber in late Bronze Age Syria
AU: Mukherjee, Anna J. ...[et al.]
pg - 49-59
TI: The first direct evidence for the production of Maya Blue: rediscovery of a technology
AU: Arnold, Dean E. ...[et al.]
pg - 151-164
TI: Tutankhamun and the terracotta army
AU: James, N.
pg - 199-201
TI: Water supply and history: Harappa and the Beas regional survey
AU: Wright, Rita P.; Bryson, Reid A.; Schuldenrein, Joseph
pg - 37-48
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